To Know Christ and to Make Him Known


Many are the challenges and risks when a person ventures to follow Christ. It is patently true that many do believe but do not walk the walk. They would rather avoid those challenges and well, not take life so seriously.

Is it coincidental that the advance of violence, hatred, conflict and confusion in our culture are connected to the retreat of the church?  The racial, political, spiritual, and relational realities are just too complex and emotionally costly. It is painfully true that the problems we face are due to the fact that we live in a world outside of Eden. We live in a fallen broken world.  It is also painfully true that we have more information about everything today than ever before yet that advance in information is not enough to transform the selfish human heart. 


Ours is a culture where anyone can Google God, and find out any information about Christianity and answer the Jeopardy questions safely at a distance. Or many create their own higher power. It is hard and honest to say that Christians too often espouse educated beliefs easily as any cliche without meaningfully addressing issues of the heart.  Many surface answers do not go deep into our heart's deeper questions. Faith remains irrelevant and shallow and only those who have faith to meet their challenges know God can handle our inner confusion and craziness. But without following Christ into the darkness, many keep silent and avoid saying anything. 


As a result, many people in our culture simply do not find Christ relevant to their lives and are unsure how to deal with the realities on the inside.  Many live without friendships, without knowledge of grace and hope, and endure much damage and live quiet, empty and boring lives - trying to find something that will entertain them or excite them in the moment. Many are convinced that what this life holds is all that there is. This is as good as it gets. The lost search but don’t find the light. 


The Bible is clear that God has so much more for us to enjoy than intellectual faith. It includes learning the information for sure. We at CBC are growing in transforming faith to meet the challenges in our own lives and those around us.  As a community of struggling saints, we welcome you to come and seek the Lord with us. 

We are in a building stage and looking for those who have an honest heart to risk loving God and others. We want that adventure to follow Christ and make a difference. We want the Biblical truths to turn into Biblical realities. We are a learning community, a forgiven community, a biblical community, a missional community, and a healing community.


We believe the Lord is doing some good work that both excites and humbles us. As we wrap up our 200th year, we are trying to keep in step with Him. He invites us to trust Him as we walk by faith and courage in these tumultuous times. We need his care and strength. We take on the challenge to follow Him. In addition, we are finding as we move into the heart realities, that God is there with us, in doubt and failure, in pain and in sin. He still wants to know us; and to help make “who we are in Him” better known to ourselves.  Likewise, Christ wants us to know Him and,  for us to make Him known in our relationships with others.  And we extend that invitation to you. You are warmly invited to come and learn about the wonders of following Jesus. 


Pastor Jerry


© 2019 Chesterland Baptist Church


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